At the core of the Living Well vision is to inspire and empower our community.

Our Community Projects are an initiative of Living Well Hub to overcome barriers and improve the health and wellbeing of our community.

Our Community Tribe

Our Community Projects would not be possible without the support of community partners and the unwavering commitment of our leaders for creating positive change.

We thank The Community Place for providing the space for our Community Classes and for their ongoing support and encouragement of our Living Well vision. We also thank the Brisbane City Council, who provide the funding for the Active Parks Program.

Yoga Community Projects

Community Projects

We launch our Community Projects with the Happy and Healthy Program to promote social inclusion and empower our local community to take steps to improve their health & wellbeing.

The Happy and Healthy Program is introduced with Community Classes. Our Community Classes are well-balanced and suitable for all levels.

We are passionate about creating a positive way of life. Whether you are looking looking to become more active or seeking a class to improve your overall wellbeing, we are are supportive and inclusive.

Learn more about our Community Classes with our class information & timetable (below).

In addition to our Community Classes, Brisbane City Council has sponsored two family friendly fitness classes as part of the Active Parks Program. These classes are free to participate. Booking is essential.


The whole community is invited to get involved, create positive change and feel empowered to live a happy and healthy life.

To encourage social inclusion and avoiding financial stress, we welcome you to attend the Community Classes by making contribution within your means.

As a guide, we make the following suggestions:

Community Contribution
Payment of your choosing
EFTPOS/Cash on arrival
Suggestion of $5 - 7 per class
Available for all Community Classes
Living Well Membership
$16 p/w
No Contract
Unlimited Community Classes & Yoga @ Q Roasters
Community Pass
Concession Rate Available
Contact us for options
Available for all Community Classes & Active Parks Program


Interested in trying yoga for your first time?

The Yogis of Living Well (aka your yoga teachers) lead classes suitable for all levels. You are welcome to attend class with no previous experience.

New to a fitness Class?

All of our classes give different options to cater to different fitness levels. You are also encouraged to work at your own capacity. We like to say, it’s your workout, your choice, your intensity. The time will come and go, what you do with it, is within your control.

Health & Wellbeing – Your Commitment

It is important in yoga & exercise that you listen to your body, and respect its limits on any given day. Please take responsibility for your health and wellbeing, be kind to yourself and communicate with your instructors. If you have health concerns, please seek support from your health practitioner. If you are suffering from illness or health concerns, we request that you obtain a medical clearance form your health practitioner, detailing any restrictions, so we can best support your health & wellbeing. Please also read, Is group activities suitable for me.

Is group activities suitable for me?

All of our classes give different options to cater to different fitness levels. We welcome beginners and even first-timers to class. Our classes are group activities and depending on your situation, injuries or health concerns, a group style activity may not be the best option for you. Depending on your situation, private sessions may be available. It is important that you speak to your health practitioner regarding your health & wellbeing plan.

What to bring / What to wear?

Bring a water bottle, towel, exercise/yoga mat and any personal items that you need when exercising. Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. Please be mindful of other members and ensure your clothing is not offensive and/or inappropriate. For fitness classes, please where sport/exercise shoes.

Where are Classes held?

The Happy & Healthy Program is at The Community Place, 20 Clark Street Kalinga. This is also the meeting point for the Active Parks Cardio Club.
The meeting point for the Active Parks Circuit Training is The Community Place, 33 Teevan Street, Stafford.

Got another question?

Get in touch and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. We look forward to hearing from you!



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